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I have started working backwards. I added the lyrics, stories and instrumentation for the Breakfast on the Deck CD. Click on the song title to go to the lyrics and info pages. Check back later for further progress.


  • Breakfast on the Deck (samples on iTunes)
    Recorded by - The San Diego Sam Band - 2010
    Finally it's Forever
    Comfort Zone
    Breakfast on the Deck
    Come to Me
    She's Gonna Hurt You
    Get Up, Got to Go
    Son into Sun
    You Make Me Smile
  • 254US
    Recorded by - The San Diego Sam Band - 2008
    Songs/Tracks -
    Won't Let You Down Tonight
    Time Fades Away
    Small World
    With Love My Darling
    May the Sun Shine on Your Day
    Looking for a Place to Land

  • Finally It's Forever
    Recorded by - The San Diego Sam Band - 2009
    Songs/Tracks -
    Finally Its Forever
  • Walk on Water Street - Live Reunion 2007
    Recorded live by - Water Street - 2007
    Songs/Tracks -
    Traffic Light
    High Dive
    True Believer
    Feelin' Alright
    Portrait of a Musician
    Another Chance
    The Worries of Life
    She's Gonna Hurt You
    Fire Me
    Bad Things
    Summer Rain
  • Git Yer Feet Wet
    Recorded by - Water Street - 1999
    Songs/Tracks -
    Traffic Light
    Bad Things
    Fire Me
    High Dive
    Summer Rain
    Talk to Me
    Too Many Faces
    Under the Sun
    Makin' a Place for Me
  • Grounded
    Recorded by - Grinder 1981
    Songs/Tracks -
    Unseen Paths
    Strange Kind of Lover
    Ride to Live
    Stick to Your Guns
    See Your Love
    What's Given to Me
    Heavily Spiced