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Breakfast on the Deck - This collection BOTD Coverof songs  contemplating love, life and relationships were written  over the last 30 years. I put them together on this CD because they fit the theme.  I hope you enjoy them!  This CD and its song are available on iTunes!

Walk on Water Street - Water Street Live 2007- In 2007 a Water Street reunion was recorded live by Doug Brunelle. Mixing down this recording had to wait until I upgraded my system.  The files from Doug were too big to open on my old system.  I made a commitment to complete 254US before upgrading so as not to miss schedule on the project (upgrading has a way of messing up a schedule). This project is completed and available upon request. In 2009, I upgraded and completed the effort, titling the project "Walk on Water Street" as coined by Tim in one of his infamous impromptu moments.

Finally It's Forever - Frank Cosmo,a former co-worker who regularly came out to see theFinally Its Forever CD Cover Rockhounds, approached me to put lyrics to a song he wrote to music.  We worked together to revise the lyrics to fit musical patterns.  The song was then recorded by myself and Joe Ralph on drums.  Frank played the song at his wedding in December. Since the wedding was in Miami and Frank retired from my day job company and he is enjoying life!

254US - In 2008 Bernadette and I celebr254US CD Coverated the 25th anniversary of our marriage. In commemoration, working with George Dreyer and Joe Ralph, we created 25 4 US. The CD is a compilation of songs written over the 25 years of our marriage, each having a significant meaning and memory. The band is one of the San Diego Sam Band configurations and although not marked, this is the first San Diego Sam project. Sample songs are on SanDiegoSam MySpace